Tobias Theiler

Communication  / Theiler Tobias
The Neighbours Above / Theiler Tobias
Light Travel / Theiler Tobias
Wagenbrüchsee / Theiler Tobias
Breath of the Sea / Theiler Tobias
Tobias Theiler

I discovered my interest for photography as I was 16 years old. It evolved into a passion which was becoming stronger and stronger. I mainly took pictures of landscapes and my technical skills of taking pictures became more and more proficient.
Furthermore, I started travelling all over the world to discover new and interesting places to take pictures from. While travelling from place to place, from city to city, architectural photography was becoming also more and more significant for me.
In December 2014, I travelled to Paris where I took my picture named "Communication" in a part of the city called "La Défense". With this photograph I won the first place of the Swiss National Award which is part of the internationally renowned competition called "Sony World Photography Award". I was extremely happy to get to see my picture all over on several different medias and to know that I achieved my first big success.
Additionally encouraged, I decided to go completely in photography after my basic education as a designing engineer. I started up working as a photographer for various events such as concerts, weddings and other different celebrations. I can say that I'm truly happy being able to capture emotions and feelings of people in several different situations.
I'm planning to start studying photography in 2017 in a big city in the East of Switzerland named St.Gallen. My personal aim is to become a professional freelance photographer and I'm excited to get to see how my future plans will turn out.