Hugo Kant

Hugo Kant

An upcoming and promising trip hop Dj, Hugo is magicaly traveling us to a festiv, joyfull world by combining trip hop and jazz music. Instrumental solos, downtempo melodies, powerfull beats and tracks that will stick to your mind and you'll be humming them for days.

At the opposite of Electro Dance Music, the music produced by Hugo Kant delights our imagination with poetry, linking us to the musician with an invisible string.

« Like a maestro, Hugo Kant brings us into a dreamlike walk, downtempo, jazzy and mind-blowing with a great taste. Atmospheric ambiance, somewhere at the crossroad where DJ Krush, Bonobo or Onra could meet... »
Radio Nova (French Radio)

Collabotated with Chinese Man Kathrin de Boer, Astrid Engberg, The Herbaliser and LostPoet.