Chris Ex

Chris Ex

To get an idea of who Chris eX is, you have to take a look on his music past as a Dj and Music Lover.

Playing records since 1994, he came up as a Soul , Funk & Hip Hop maestro in the golden era of Thessaloniki's (second larger Greek City) Underground Scene, where he was one of the few who digged and spined Mostly Black music..

Spending his time all these years between radio stations, Dj Booths, and collecting records, he developed his ears and made his set and skills more mature and groovy as ever..

Moving from Thessaloniki to Berlin in 2012, really opened up his mind and made him productive in a way of building up mixes which really got the crowd around the world.

You can take a listen to his "Hustler" , "My Afro" or Black Radio Berlin mixes to check on your own that this guy is a true music guide of raw and funky vibes!

Aliases I The Trouble , La Vida Moderna, Dj Audiosmoke

Founder of Black Radio Berlin, Athens Voice Contributor, Co Founder Of Bandrop

Chris Ex Στα ντέκς της Θεσσαλονίκης από το 1994 με σκοπό του την καλή μουσική και την ενέργεια του πάρτυ. Συλλέκτης βινυλιού κυρίως μαύρης μουσικής, παραγωγός ραδιοφώνου, και πάντα στην αναζήτηση του τέlειου beat! Mετακομίζοντας στο Βερολίνο το 2012 εμπλούτισε τον ήχο του με περισσότερα ηλεκτονικά στοιχέια και έκανε τα σετ του ακόμα πιο απρόβλεπτα.. Expect the unexpected..